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Technology and business is changing and we are striving to be at the forefront of innovation in the world of tax. Being able to interact with your tax preparer virtually makes it easier than ever to file your tax returns with confidence. 

If this section does not answer all of your questions, feel free to contact us! We are here to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the tax preparation process take?  

Not long! From the moment we have all of your information and tax documents, your return will be prepared within 48 hours hours, guaranteed!  

It's important to note that if you are self-empoyed and/or own a business, the preparation process will be more involved and corresondence may cause the process to take longer than 48 hours. 

How much will my return cost?

Each tax return is unique, so the price will vary depending on the forms that we will file with your return. An individual return starts at  $?1?9?0?  $119 and goes up in price depending on the complexity. Our preparation fee can be deducted from your refund so that you may not have to pay anything out of pocket! See our Pricing page for more details.

How do I get started?

Go to the Get Started page and fill out the form and we will guide you the rest of the way. Visit the Our Process page for more details! 

How can I send documents if I don't have a scanner?

Most smart phones now have the capability to scan and create PDF documents. There are a several different free apps such as Adobe Scan and Genius Scan. iPhone users can also scan documents in the Notes application. Once you have scanned them into your phone, you can upload them when you fill out the form on the Get Started page.

I have already filled out and submitted my form and documents, but I now have additional documents. How do I submit those?

If you have already submitted your form and need to submit additional documents, you can go to the Document Upload page and submit them there!  

Is Virtual Tax preparation secure?

We take the security of your information very seriously. We contract with Cloudskope who monitors our systems and machines 24/7. Our Get Started page uses the same technology that hospitals use to collect data, so it is very secure.

What are the benefits of Virtual Tax preparation?

Getting your taxes filed this day in age does not need to be complicated! Technology allows us to connect remotely more easily now than ever! Virtual tax preparation also helps us keep costs down for you because we can collect your information digitally vs. having admin staff to collect, track, and return paperwork. Lastly, handling your taxes virtually does not put you at risk of being exposed to COVID-19 and other germs. We like our clients happy and healthy!

What happens after I sign and arrange payment? 

Once you make a payment and sign your form permitting us to e-file your return, we will file it immediately! The IRS will generally accept your return within 24 business hours. Once they do, we will send you confirmation that the IRS accepted it. If there are any issues in the e-filing process, we will reach out to you immediately.

How do I obtain my tax return?

After your virtual meeting and payment has been made for our preparation services, you will receive a secure email from Docusign. This email is requesting that you sign the authorization to e-file and attached, is a complete PDF copy of your tax return.  

Can I wait to pay the tax preparation fee until after filing my tax return?

Possibly! If you are receiving a refund on your taxes and it is greater than our preparation fee, you can elect to have our fee taken from your tax return. There is an additional fee for this service.

If you owe the IRS for the tax year, we do ask for payment before the return is processed. 

What is the best way to contact my preparer?

The best way to contact your preparer is to use the Contact button at the top right-hand side of our website. Your submission will be directed to the right person! If you have received a text from your preparer, simply reply in that chain. 

I am ready to get started. What information will I need to provide?

We are glad you asked! The form on the Get Started page will ask for the legal names, social security numbers, and dates of birth for the taxpayer, spouse, and dependents. You will also be asked to provide basic contact information and will be directed through a series of questions that help us determine your tax situation. Toward the end, you will be asked to upload your tax documents. Please provide all of the tax documents you received such as W2's, K-1's, 1099s, 1098, etc. 

I am self-employed / own a business. What additional information do I need to provide?

If you own a business, you will be asked to provide basic information about the business such as the legal name, the EIN (if you have one), business address, etc. when filling out the form on the Get Started page. You will be given further instructions about what reports to provide based on the tax classification of your business.

I need help with accounting. How do I get in touch with your accounting services team?

If you need help preparing the Profit and Loss statement for your tax return, please use the Contact Us page and an experienced accountant will reach out to you within 24 business hours! The Accounting Services department is operated by our sister firm, John Harman CPA PLLC. 

What is an EA?

An enrolled agent is a person who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service by passing a three-part comprehensive test covering individual and business tax returns. Enrolled agent status is the highest credential the US Treasury awards.

Enrolled agents, like attorneys and certified public accountants (CPAs), have unlimited practice rights. This means they are unrestricted as to which taxpayers they can represent, what types of tax matters they can handle, and which IRS office they can represent clients before. 

Do You Prepare Taxes For All 50 States?

Yes, we can prepare your tax returns for all 50 states (including Washington D.C.) including:

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